Create your own content

Creating your own content is easy. We use a piece of software called LearnDash to facilitate this. LearnDash itself has lots of great videos showing you step-by-step guides to setting up courses.

I’ll provide a brief overview of how it works on this page too. The first thing you need to is plan out your content before you start as this will affect the structure.

Essentially the content can be split into courses, modules, and lessons. A course can contain different modules, and each module can contain different lessons. You can have a quiz (with questions) at the end of each course/module/lesson, and you can generate a certificate at the end of each course/module/lesson. But you don’t have to use all these options, it depends how you want to breakdown your content. Make a plan for the structure of your course content before you start creating it.

  • The top-level is “Courses”.
  • Below that you have “Modules”. Modules are assigned to Courses.
  • Below Modules you have “Lessons”. Lessons are assigned to Modules just like Modules are assigned to Courses.
  • Finally, there are “Quizzes”. Quizzes can be assigned to a Lesson, Module, or a Course.
  • Quizzes are made up of “Questions”.

To give one example, I have created a course for Paediatric EM Induction. It consists of various modules. One module is ‘headaches’. To complete the headaches module, users will have to complete each of the lessons I’ve created (history and examination, red flags, common causes). Have a browse through this sample module to help work out the structure you want for yours. You don’t have to have lessons if you don’t want to, you can just have one module to complete.

Each lesson has a video I’ve recored, some text, and some quiz questions. You can add other content into your lessons too – pdfs, weblinks, word documents, essentially you can add whatever content you like. The world is your oyster.

To get started, login at and then you will see your Create Course options in the left sidebar.



[expand title=”Create your course“]

On the sidebar, you will see all your options. If you want to create a new course, then select ‘Create Course’. This is a good place to start. In the Content section add you course title and a short blurb about your course. You will see you can add images here and also tags or categories if you want (although this isn’t necessary).



[expand title=”Build your course“]

You don’t need to worry about the Features or Settings sections. If you scroll down on that page you will see the Course Builder. This is the quickest way to create and layout your course structure.


You can quickly create your Module or Lesson titles and drag and drop them to the right hand side of this section. You can use existing modules/lessons/quizzes, or you can create new ones. Use the drop down arrow to show the existing options or create a new one.

If you want to create a new Module then type over the word ‘Module’ and then press the green tick.

You will see that your new module has been created and you can drag and drop it into your course.

You can do the same for Lessons.[/expand]


Make sure you press the Submit button at the bottom – this adds the Content to your ‘List’ pages.

[expand title=”Create a quiz“]

Then add quizzes – you can decide whether to place a quiz at the end of a module, course, or lessons (or all three). I’ll show you how to assign them to lessons later, but in the meantime, you can create the questions. The first step is to create a new quiz (follow the same steps as for adding a new Course above).




[expand title=”Add questions“]

Then you can create questions for that quiz. Scroll down to the questions section and click ‘Add New’.

There are 8 different types of questions you can add. You might be able to work this out yourself, but I suggest having a read of this LearnDash page to explain the different types of quiz questions.

Although there are lots of settings and options here, the key parts you need to add are…

The question title (this isn’t shown to users)

The question

The question type

And the answer (this will depend on what question type you selected)

Then press Save.

Then go back to your Quiz List page and edit your quiz.

You will see that your Question has been automatically added to your Quiz.



And that’s it. Now you are just waiting for one of the website administrators to review and approve your course for publication. Send us an email to let us know that it’s ready for review.